Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Explained

How much of your manufacturing time is truly productive? How much profit is lost from machine downtime and product defects? Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a widely-accepted benchmark that enables the tracking and improvement of efficiency and quality over time.

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Why OEE matters:

Think of it this way - you can only improve what can be measured and monitored. OEE is a common standard for measuring manufacturing time that is truly productive.Within the OEE metric, production speed, quality, and downtime are all quantified and tracked. Any one of these factors may contribute to inefficiency and lost profit.Say you don't meet production targets in a given day. By measuring OEE, you now have objective, actionable data at your fingertips allowing you to zero in on what happened and how to improve going forward.


OEE Performance Tracking

Tracks production speed. A Performance score of 100% means that the process is running as fast as possible.


OEE Quality Tracking

Tracks production defects. A Quality score of 100% means that there are zero defects.


OEE Availability Tracking

Tracks production stops, both planned and unplanned. An Availability score of 100% means that the process is always running during planned production time.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Performance x Quality x Availability = Overall Equipment Effectiveness

An OEE score of 100% means that you produced zero defects, as fast as possible, with no unplanned downtime.

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Get more out of your manufacturing operation

With A System That Identifies Production Failures And Measures Overall Performance.

OEE Cloud monitors equipment in real time to identify production issues as they happen. The status of operations can be shared on custom dashboards to keep everyone in the know. Examine operational data, uncover inefficiencies, and provide decision-makers the insight needed to optimize efficiency at every level.

Many factors can impact production output, including:

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    Equipment failure

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    Line adjustments

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    Equipment idle

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    Reduced speed

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    Reduced yield

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